The word of the year in American, English, German, Dutch, Austrian, Japanese, Chinese (Taiwan but NOT the People’s Republic) and William Safire

Well, the votes are in and whomever decides these things has spoken (unlike the Minnesota senatorial race. I say we just let the governor of Illinois decide) we now know what the words of the year are in many languages. Not surprisingly, they were all basically about one of two things: sex and money — except when they were about meat.

Winner: Safire.

Runner-up: Taiwan


How to order pickles in Austria

“Fia mi bitte no a Soizguakn.” = “Another gherkin for me please.”

From a free guide by German consumer goods firm Henkel that will be distributed around Vienna to soccer fans visiting for Euro 2008.

Sorry, no pronunciation advice provided.

BTW, I hope they know the kind of lawlessness this can lead to: “Man Gets Probation in Pickle Assault.” Is it just me or doesn’t that yodelling pickle look like a green thumb?