When barbecueing on school grounds is outlawed, only outlaws will barbecue (at school)

Some 28 students at Middleton, CT, high school were suspended after they attempted a pre-school birthday celebration for Mike Aronne, one of the teens involved.

“We didn’t have beer, we didn’t have weed, we had bacon,” said Eddie Mangini, who along with the others did not anticipate the two-day suspension.

No beer or pot? What were they going to use to flavor the omlettes?


High School Musical promo panties banned in UK

Mrs. CollateralDamage got the story:

Following objections by parents in Great Britian, Disney has stopped selling High School Musical themed panties for “tween” girls. The panties have the phrase “Dive In” emblazoned on them, prompting an uproar in the UK. According to Disney, the slogan is from the swimming pool scene featured in “High School Musical 2.”

That filthy, filthy mouse.

Tigger socks, board games, Crocs and chearing at graduation: Some things people tried to ban during 2007

When (fill in the blank) is outlawed, only outlaws will (fill in the blank)

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