Coke told to run ads admitting it can cause obesity and damage teeth

mythbusters_busted_sprayUp the Aussies for ordering Coca-Cola to run ads correcting earlier misleading ads. The original ads ran in October under the title “Motherhood & Myth-Busting” and referred to myths about Coca-Cola such as claims the soda makes consumers fat, rots teeth and are high in caffeine.

Here’s some great dueling quotes:

“Coke’s messages were totally unacceptable, creating an impression which is likely to mislead that Coca-Cola cannot contribute to weight gain, obesity and tooth decay,” ACCC Chairman Graeme Samuel said in the statement. “They also had the potential to mislead parents about the potential consequences of consuming Coca Cola.”


“We certainly did not intend our message to be misleading,” Coca-Cola South Pacific Managing Director Gareth Edgecombe said in an e-mailed statement. “The ACCC were concerned we oversimplified some complex topics and we acknowledge we should have provided more information.”

Dear Coke, leave the myth busting up to the experts.