Is Credit Crunch the son of Capt. Crunch?

First there was Credit Crunch the Reality, then came The Boardgame and now it’s a cereal!

In the UK, Credit Crunch is THE phrase used to describe the current mess. It is everywhere  — sale signs in stores, headlines, etc. We here in the US are really failing to brand the crisis. We have mortgage meltdown, the recession, but nothing that really distinguishes this Financial Fiasco ©.


Credit Crunch — A free boardgame you’re already playing


I happen to know that game publishers are rushing to cash in on the credit crunch. First mover award goes to The Economist for a freebie which you can download here even if you can’t afford a subscription.

The aim is to be the last solvent player. In order to achieve this, players try to eliminate the competition. Risk cards encourage players to pick on each other.

Players who cannot pay their fines may borrow from each other at any rate they care to settle on—for instance, 100% interest within three turns. They should negotiate with the other players to get the best rate possible. Players who cannot borrow must either go into Chapter 11 or be taken over.

Players may conceal their assets from each other.

Another bonus: YOU GET TO PRINT YOUR OWN MONEY. Yep, just like the Treasury and probably a good bit more reliable.

Can’t wait to play a fictitious version of this for once.


Thanks to Shaun Abrahamson for the link!

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