High heels for babies and athletes?

Apparently it is the moment when everyone from infants to athletes need to have high heeled shoes. A company called Heelarious has put out a line of high-heeled infant shoes. They would really irritate me if it weren’t for the fact that they are aimed at the pre-walking set and so won’t do any harm. Wanna mess with peoples’ heads? Put a pair on a boy baby. People flip when they see anything that even smacks of transgender “transgression” in a kid. When he was 5, CD jr. went out for Halloween as one of the Power Puff Girls. The looks we recieved when people said what a pretty girl and he said “boy” were wonderful. I’m like, he’s 5 — gender is not yet an issue for him. Can we wait a few more years before we start the stereotyping?

Even though I’m not a fan of heels (just seeing them worn makes my feet hurt), I do like these new homage to Converse’s Chuck Taylors. ($65 here.) Only thing better would be a high heel set of Timberlands.

Hmmm, seems I’m a little late to the trend on this one. Other variations on the theme include this one for $130

Or this for $10.

Or for more formal moments this is available for $14

Oh Lord. Today is apparently the day when I channel the spirit of my dear departed friend Tony Cheung who knew more about women’s shoes than anyone I’ve ever met. On the wings of victory, queen!