A moment of silence for one of the greats … Vern Gosdin

gosdin You have to be pretty deep into country music to know about Gosdin, who died yesterday at 70. A wonderful songwriter, he was nicknamed “The Voice” and if you ever heard him sing you know why. He had a rich baritone, and once was described by Tammy Wynette as "the only other singer who can hold a candle to George Jones."

He doesn’t break your heart the way Jones does – with that unexpected swoop – he just sings them straight at you and with his voice that’s enough. My favorite album is Chiseled in Stone from 1989. His songwriting was as direct and understated as his singing. And he could be damn funny, too. Check out

Nobody Calls From Vegas Just To Say Hello

It’s three o’clock in the morning
Phone’s ringing off the wall
It’s been months since you left
Funny that you’d call

I know you’re needing something
Your money running low?
Nobody call from Vegas
Just to say Hello

I’m tired of holding to this phone
Listening to your lies
Just about to lose control
This is my last goodbye

The next sound that you hear
Is gonna be me letting go
Nobody call from Vegas
Just to say Hello

Money don’t grow on trees
You can’t reep what you don’t sow
I may be crazy but I ain’t stupid and I know
Nobody call from Vegas just to say Hello

I wanted to believe you
When I picked up the phone
Says you was calling
Just to see what was going on

That casino in the background
Tells me buddy don’t you know
Nobody call from Vegas just to say Hello