Doctors lose source for free pens, clipboards & bobblehead dolls

A health-care chain in the Midwest has purged its offices of all “the clipboards, clocks, mouse pads, stuffed animals and other items decorated with logos for such drugs as Nexium, Vytorin and Lipitor.“The SMDC Health System found 18,718 items when it scoured its four hospitals and 17 clinics. The items filled 20 shopping carts and will be sent to the west African nation of Cameroon. Perhaps the first time that a shipment of medical waste will be welcomed in a Third World country.

This should be operating procedure for anyone with an MD.


Headline of the Day: “Maker of Lipitor Digs In to Fight Generic Rival”

Is a generic rival harder to fight than a specific rival?

Bonus Headline of the Day:

warthogBig Pig-Like Beast Discovered

How dare they say I’m not well-known!

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