Presidential Idol in New Hampshire: An explanation

Here’s my take on what happened.

  1. Most of the press dislikes Hillary so much that they were overjoyed to jump on the Obama-mania bandwagon. This isn’t some sort of vast-MSM conspiracy, it’s just that Hillary and the media have always taken each other’s actions personally. My sympathies lie with the MSM and not Hillary in that particular debate. However, that doesn’t change the fact that pretty much everyone called it wrong.
  2. Mitt Romney has now lost in a state where no one knew him and in one where everybody knew him. He now hopes to win in a state where everyone over the age of 45 once knew his father. Somewhere the lone Romney fanatic not on Mitt’s payroll is sad. The rest of us can rejoice. I wonder how much the dislike of Mitt got independents to vote against him in the GOP primary and not vote for someone on the Democratic side?
  3. Weirdest moment of the zeitgeist: Listening to interview after interview with people saying that they were trying to decide between Obama and McCain. Now, I like both of those guys. I’d be happy with either one in the White House. That said — they have nothing in common policy wise. The differences between them are about as subtle as the difference between pasta and LSD.

President Idol goes to New Hampshire

Doesn’t this picture make it look like Hillary & The Pips?


(via CNN’s Political Tracker)

Unfortunately for Hill, one of the back-up singers is showing her up.

I saw my first Hillary ad last night and it struck me as exactly the wrong tone. She was all gushy and friendly and CARING. Hillary should be campaigning as tough and protective. The underlying message should be, “Nobody messes with me and I won’t let them mess with you. I’ll protect you the way I protected Chelsea from the media.” Let the guys be sensitive, be butch Hillary!

BTW, I somehow missed this — further proof that it’s WorldofWarcraft’s world and we just live near it…

Political rallies and marches are nothing new, and online campaigning is a well known trend, but when the two come together with a bunch of gnomes, it’s hard not to take notice.

Grassroots supporters of Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul have invited supporters that play online game “World of Warcraft” to join them in a rally and march on New Years Day. Organizers of the virtual event have scheduled the event to start in the snowbound city of Ironforge, so it’s sure to involve lots of gnomes and dwarves, before they march to Stormwind.

No word at this point if “Horde for Hillary” or “Orcs for Obama” counter events have also been scheduled.

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