Pizza chain kills ad featuring zombie celebs

New Zealand’s Hell Pizza chain has buried an ad “showing the corpses of actor Heath Ledger, Britain’s Queen Mother and Mount Everest conqueror Sir Edmund Hillary dancing on a grave.” The ad on the company’s website had all three emerging from graves and then dancing to Michael Jackson’s song “Thriller.”

FWIW, “Last year, complaints forced [the company] to withdraw billboards showing Adolf Hitler clutching a slice of pizza in a Nazi salute.”

As David St. Hubbins put it, ” It’s such a fine line between stupid, and clever.” Except in this case.

That said, I was amused by the Sell Your Soul offer on the website:

Your soul doesn’t do much. You can’t feel it. You can’t see it. It sucks at making coffee, and when you’re buggered after a hard day, it’ll never have dinner on the table. So give it to us. Then you can begin your descent into HELL. The deeper you go, the more retribution you’ll receive for your measly soul. The retribution could be anything from free morsels of food to exclusive access to random stuff. That all depends on how good you are at being bad. And if you make it right into the darkest depths of HELL, then you’ll receive free pizza for life. So sell your soul to us.