Me & John McCain — proof of my bipartisanship

Some people reading this blog could come to the conclusion that I am a left-wing crybaby. Herewith I offer ironclad proof that I am a bipartisan crybaby.

Eleven years ago — long before his first run for national office — I wrote Sen. McCain a letter suggesting he run for president. For some reason that year I read quite a bit about McCain. There was a profile in the New Yorker and several other pieces in the erstwhile Liberal Media. I found that while I disagreed with him on some points and agreed with him on others, I was impressed by his ability to forgive others and to listen and learn. So I wrote him a note saying, look I may or may not vote for you but I really think it would be good for the country if you ran. Had I known what would happen to him in South Carolina in 2000, I would have told him to stay home.

His response: