Happy 30th to those neverending Space Invaders

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the introduction of the 2nd greatest video game ever (Ms. Pac Man is #1 4EVAH). We here at Collateral Damage take Space Invaders very seriously. In part that’s because I’m in awe of the amount of time and quarters I wasted devoted to it. In part it’s because it reminds me of the time back when I didn’t have to put up with uppity young punks because I was one. Hence the official logo of the Collateral Damage mobile:

(If you are interested in doing the same to your car or walls the stickers may be found here. Be prepared for a bit of attention if you put them on the old gas guzzler.)

Fortunately the rest of the world seems to share my fascination. Herewith a few of the more interesting things I have come across that pay homage to our Space Invader overlords. So in honor of the 30th Anniversary of the

We will begin with apparel (and skip over the entire t-shirt aisle — cuz there’s a zillion of those).

You can get this underwear:

Or this underwear:

The solid gold necklace ($165!?!?):

The solid plastic pendent ($46 but that’s Australian, so who knows what it is in real money. And by real money I mean Euros.):

Or these necklaces which are made of wood and a deal at all 3 for $50 in deflated US dollars:

Or for more formal occasions there’s a choice of ties.



Or a bowtie, if you are David Churbuck:

For some reason you can get them as cufflinks. You can get cufflinks shaped like pretty much anything but Continue reading