Job site trumpets finding work in Afghanistan

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when the following showed up in some spam from

Hired! Interview Prep Leads to Work in Afghanistan

Construction foreman lands job in Afghanistan due to experience in Iraq and TheLadders interview prep service.

When you’re looking for work in a war zone, it helps to do some research to prepare you for what to expect. Peter Vasquez did his research, and it led him to a new work front in Afghanistan. …

“A new work front?”

Best/saddest quote: ““My wife at first wasn’t too keen on my going overseas again. But she sees now that times are hard, and I can get better-paying work in Afghanistan.”

Yep, I’m definitely going with that website for all of my job search needs! Woo hoo! Put me on the next plane to Chechnya baby! Gaza or bust!