When serving cake to kids in school is outlawed, only outlaws will serve cake (making them much more popular with the kids)

WELLINGTON (AFP) – A New Zealand school is to ban children sharing birthday cake as the government introduces new guidelines to restrict unhealthy food being sold to pupils. Oteha Valley School in Auckland has told parents not to allow their children to bring birthday cakes to school for friends to share, The New Zealand Herald reported Friday.

Man, what a weird black market that will create. “Hey, Bobby… what will you give me for a big piece of chocolate with chocolate frosting AND one of the flowers?”

In other odd Down Under news: An Australian member of parliament wants to his state of Queensland to enact Kill A Toad Day.

“Basically we need … a special day that Queenslanders, especially children, could all play their part, very similar to Clean Up Australia (Day),” MP Shane Knuth said. “The toad is probably the greatest environmental vermin and probably the most disgusting creature known to man.”

Except for man himself, that is. In fairness to Mr. Knuth, the object of his wrath is the cane toad — an alien and invasive species to the continent. However, one has to question the MP’s obsession with the little green things.

Participants would be encouraged to put the toads in their fridge before euthanasing them in the freezer. They would then be disposed of at a specially set up centre. Mr Knuth, who last year proposed a 40-cent-per-toad bounty, said both state and federal governments had to seriously consider such a payment as part of any toad hunt.

BTW, did you know that a group of toads is referred to as a knot of toads? LOVE IT. Great list of collective names for animals can be found here. Some of my favorites:

  • a crash of rhinos
  • a dole of turtles
  • a charm of goldfinches
  • a leap of leopards
  • a watch of nightingales
  • a sloth of bears (is there also a bear of sloths?)
  • a wedge of swans
  • a clowder of cats

I have long felt that we should refer to a group of bystanders as a slaughter. No one else has followed my lead on this for some reason.