Zombies, Fish & the War on Terror

  1. The Japanese aren’t cutting bait in their effort to defeat terrorists. They are deploying the tiny Ricefish in water supplies to detect contamination. “If the water is contaminated, the fish show irregular behavior, such as swimming with their noses near the surface because of breathing problems, or simply die.” That explains it! For two years terrorists were striking at Collateral Damage HQ through the aquarium! That’s why all those fish died! On the plus side for the Japanese is that this also gives them a new source for sushi.
  2. Zombies were busted in Minneapolis carrying WMD. Participants in something called a “zombie dance party” were jailed Saturday night after ended up in jail after getting arrested in downtown Minneapolis. Police said the heavily made up zombie dancers were staggering along like the living dead and some carried backpacks with wires sticking out. “The ‘zombies’ were arrested on suspicion of having ‘simulated weapons of mass destruction.’ A friend of the group says the suspicious devices were homemade stereos.” Oddly, this is one of the few excuses not used by the Bush administration in the run up to our current quagmire (DIDDLY!).

Speaking of which…am currently reading Cobra II, Michael Gordon and Bernard Trainor’s book on the planning and early days of The George Bush Desert Classic. It’s like watching an incredibly well-planned out car wreck. Pretty much any assumption that could be mistaken was. On both sides.


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