Life imitates Monty Python as website uses blackmail for business plan works like this: Alleged friends post embarassing pictures of you on the site (said pictures frequently found on Facebook, MySpace, et al.). If you want said picture removed you have to become a member of the site ($20/month or $50/year). Give the site credit: It spreads the rewards around. The person who posts the picture gets a cut of payoff.

Robert Anchovy:  Hello, good evening, and welcome to ‘Blackmail’! And to start tonight’s programme, we go to Preston in Lancashire, and Mrs Betty Teal! (Cut to a slightly blurred black and white photo of a housewife with her face blotted out by a black oblong.)
Anchovy:  Hello, Mrs Teal! (Cut back to presenter. He picks up a letter and reads it.)
Anchovy: Now this is for £15 and it’s to stop us revealing the name of your lover in Bolton.
SUPERIMPOSED CAPTION: ‘£15’ (flashes on and off quickly)
Anchovy: So Mrs Teal…if you send us £15 by return post, please, and your husband Trevor, and your lovely children, Diane, Janice and Juliet need never know the name of your lover in Bolton.

What other Monty Python skits are begging to be turned into businesses?  Maybe it’s time to shake down the army or sell a dead parrot or two.

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