US Army can’t hide the fact that its camouflage stinks

The Army Times reports

The Army’s Universal Camouflage Pattern (right), now under scrutiny by soldiers and Congress, is “significantly” worse at concealing soldiers than the Marine desert digital and MultiCam (left) camouflage patterns, according to a two-year Army camouflage test.

So far the Army has spent $5 billion on putting the camo on uniforms and equipment. Are they going to claim they can’t see where the money went?

Well at least we didn’t waste that money on something silly like health care.

And to lose to the MARINES!!! Oh the shame.

UCP-Dark    multicam-crye-background

via ProPublica


4 thoughts on “US Army can’t hide the fact that its camouflage stinks

  1. Well, I didn’t want to sound like a braggart… the DND was working on it, the Marine’s liked it, and asked to use it. Cadpat is copyrighted, but they shared the technology with the Marines.
    Also, the DND/Canadian Forces is everyone, air, land, sea. I don’t understand the divisions between American military, i.e. marines/army??

  2. You have to look at it not from what is needed to be done militarily but in terms of competing bureaucracies. We have separate military services because each one fights at least as well bureaucratically against the other services as it does in actual combat. The Marines — the most redundant of the services — have been so successful with this that their minimum size is now set into law. In this light it is kind of astounding that the Army gave up control of what is today the Air Force — but of course it (and the Marines and the Navy) also still have their own air forces.

    To truly understand this I recommend reading Ronald Spector’s Eagle Against The Sun. It explains how the strategy used to fight the Pacific campaign of World War II was essentially the result of competition between bureaucracies of the Army and Navy.

    And, meaning no offense, it is hard to compare the Canadian military with that of the US. We spend half of our government budget on forces designed to fight a threat that doesn’t exist — what other explanation is there for a 600 ship Navy in this day and age? You do not and therefore can afford national health care.

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